EuroSun 2024 Conference Proceedings

After the conference, all full papers submitted to EuroSun 2024 will go through a full paper review process and on acceptance, they will be published in the ISES Conference Proceedings Database, a publicly accessible and searchable online database. All papers accepted for publication by ISES will be part of the conference proceedings with an ISBN and each paper will be assigned an individual DOI.

Selected Proceedings in Cooperation with Solar Energy Advances

A selected number of papers from EuroSun 2024 will be invited for publication EuroSun 2024 Select Papers in the new ISES scientific journal, Solar Energy Advances.

Solar Energy Advances, is an ISES fully open-access journal reflecting the work being done in transforming our energy production and consumption into a fully renewable system. The journal covers a broad range of topics relevant to solar energy research, development and applications. All papers submitted to Solar Energy Advances will undergo a rigorous review process. Papers which progress to publication will include a notice that the paper was originally presented at the EuroSun 2024. More information about Solar Energy Advances can be found here.

Only a limited number of papers will be published in Solar Energy Advances and authors who are invited to submit their paper to SEA will be informed by the conference organizers. Authors will be invited based on review of accepted abstracts by the SEA team.