EuroSun 2024 Conference Themes

Energy Efficient Buildings: Solar and Efficient Buildings, Energetic Renovation of Buildings, Daylighting, Digitalization and Industrial Renovation

Sustainable Heating and Cooling Systems for Buildings: Solar Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating, Heat Pump Systems for Buildings, PV and PVT Systems, Solar Energy and Heat Pumps, Sustainable Air Conditioning for Buildings, Smart Control Systems

Solar and Efficient Districts: Innovative District Heating and Cooling, Urban Planning of districts, Simulations, Digitalization and AI

Sustainable Process Heat for Industry: High temperature Heat Pumps for Industry, Solar Energy and Heat Pumps, Simulations, Digitalization and AI, Heat Recovery, Water Purification through Renewable Energy

Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and Electrification: Sector Coupling and Grid Stabilization, Electrification of the Heating Sector, Thermal Energy Storage for Grid Integration of RES

Thermal Energy Storage: Season Thermal Energy Storage, Thermal Energy Storage in Applications, New Concepts in TES, Innovative Materials for TES

Solar Thermal and PVT Collectors and Solar Loop Components: Solar Thermal and PVT collectors, Solar Loop Components, Testing and Certification

Solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: Solar Cooling for the Sunbelt region, Solar refrigeration for Industry

Sustainable and Solar Energy Transition: Renewable Energy Strategies, Scenarios, Financing and Policies, Renewable Energy Education, Citizens' Participation / empowering consumers, Carbon Neutral Regions, Sustainability and LCA

Solar Resources and Energy Meteorology: Solar Resource Assessment, Solar Forecasting, Remote Sensing