EuroSun 2024 Venue

Cyprus University of Technology (Source: CUT)

EuroSun 2024 will take place at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) based in Limassol.

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a young, modern and innovative university welcoming its first students in 2007. The university is dedicated to evolving into a modern, pioneering, and globally recognized institute and already gained high positions in three well-known international ranking lists. The university consists of seven faculties and a language centre, with fields of expertise in Economics, Health Science, Tourism, Geotechnical Science and Environmental Management, Engineering, Arts and Media Science. With a focus on applied research, the university aims to carve out a distinctive role in supporting the state and society across all realms of science and technology.

Welcome to Limassol!

Catch a first glimps at Limassol, home of EuroSun 2024 in our video below: