Awards at EuroSun 2024

On the occasion of EuroSun 2024, the conference organizers ISES and IEA SHC are pleased to present their annual awards. IEA SHC will award their 2024 SHC Solar Award and ISES will present the ISES Fellow Award for the year 2023.

Together, the conference organizers will also present the winners of the EuroSun 2024 Best Poster Award.

IEA SHC Awards

The SHC Solar Award of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) celebrates the success of those working to increase the market impact of solar heating and cooling technologies.

The recipient of the 2024 SHC Solar Award will have demonstrated substantial achievement and measurable impact from a program or project executed in the last 5 years (2024-2020) to deploy solar heating and cooling technology to reduce the costs and environmental impact of providing heating or cooling in an industrial process or processes.

See the short list of the top 5 entries for this award and more information here.

The Solar Award will be presented as part of the EuroSun 2024 programme on Thursday, 29 August on site in Limassol.


ISES Fellow Award

ISES will be honored to present the ISES 2023 Fellow Award to Prof Lars Broman (Dalarna University + Strömstad Academy, Sweden). 

Presented every two years, the ISES Fellow Award honours a member of ISES who has been a member for at least ten consecutive years and has served with distinction in the advancement of solar energy utilization by way of research, education, public service, and/or service to ISES.

Prof. Broman will be honoured for his 35+ years of dedicated work in the field of solar energy education and his dedicated support of the ISES mission.

Prof. Broman established the first undergraduate program in Solar Energy in Sweden and Initiated the Solar Energy Research Center SERC in 1984. In 1989, he co-established the International Association for Solar Energy Education IASEE and initiated the European Solar Engineering School ESES in 1999. He also established the International Symposium of Renewable Energy Education, ISREE in 1991 and 2020, Prof. Broman was named a Pioneer of Solar Energy Research by ISES. At ISES, Prof. Broman continues his work e.g. as a member of the ISES museums committee which created the ISES Online Solar Energy Museum.


EuroSun 2024 Best Poster Award

During the closing ceremony, the winners of the EuroSun 2024 Best Poster award will be presented. These awards will be presented to the authors of the top 3 posters presented during the conference.