Systems Innovation for a Sustainable Future
Tuesday, 27. August 2024
3:00 to 6:00pm (EEST)
The Workshop duration is 3:0 hours.

Systems Innovation for a Sustainable Future

In this interactive 3-hour workshop, we will learn what Systems Innovation is and how we can use it to tackle societal and environmental challenges. Within the workshop, two Systems Thinking canvases will be introduced to analyze a ahallenge’s environment and envision the future with a solution to the challenge.

The first canvas "Fishing for Barriers", will allow you to categorize the main obstacles hindering the success of your projects. By breaking down these barriers into smaller components, we gain valuable insights into their origins and uncover hidden issues.

Fishing for Barriers

The second canvas titled "Cover Story for Visioning" encourages participants to imagine and describe the ideal future resulting from the success of the challenges found in the previous tool. It challenges participants to create a narrative with words and visuals, painting a picture of a successful future that could earn their project a place on the media's front cover.

cover story



Dr. Stelios Yiatros

Dr Stelios Yiatros is an Associate Professor in Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics at the Cyprus University of Technology.Stelios was in the core team to lead the successful entry of the Cyprus University of Technology in the EIT Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), and became the Education Lead for the local EIT Climate-KIC Hub, while being also one of the co-founders of Chrysalis LEAP, the first cleantech business idea accelerator in Cyprus. His involvement in Systems Innovation and Entrepreneurship has led to a successful bid to coordinate “Innovate EUt” of the EIT HEI Initiative call. Stelios holds a Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London (UK) and a PhD in nonlinear structural mechanics from the same university. He is a Member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), Graduate Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE), Associate Member of the American Association of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Chair of the Stability Committee of the ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute, Member of the Leadership Council of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network in Cyprus and National Representative at the CEN/TC350/SC1 for circular economy in the construction sector

Antonia Christou

Antonia Christou is coordinating the Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities at the Cyprus University of Technology for the EUt+ Alliance. She is also a Trainer of the Climate Entrepreneurship Training at CUT. Prior to this position, as an entrepreneur, Antonia co-founded and managed Maker’s Block, a brand around creativity through digital manufacturing. Before returning back to Cyprus, Antonia was working in the Aerospace industry in France and Germany and has worked as Innovation Manager in Singapore, supporting young Entrepreneurs and startups through the Industry 4.0 Accelerator she supported creating. She holds a Bachelor’s degree on Foreign Languages Applied to Economics and a Master’s degree on Business Development by the Université Toulouse II (France). She holds a certificate on Design Thinking for Innovation and applies Systems Innovation in her everyday work. As a PhD candidate, her research focuses on the integration of the sustainability dimension in Entrepreneurship Education.